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A better way for Obama to address the State of the Union…..

January 27, 2010 2 comments

Obama has been taking a lot of flak lately… are some of the things he should say to steer the boat in the right direction.

1. Commitment to Bipartisanship – “My fellow Americans, I said before:

‘Genuine bipartisanship,assumes an honest process of give-and-take, and that the quality of the compromise is measured by how well it serves some agreed-upon goal.’

Nowhere is this example more stunningly accurate than the state of Massachusetts. After tough negotiations, it was my health care plan that both together Red and Blue for the first time in many years. Only through hard work and sturdy conviction was I able to, through this health care bill, convince thousands of Massachusetts residents to vote for a man who is most famous for posing in Cosmo wearing nothing but a smile.” (bipartisan applause)

2. Denunciation of Bush policies – “As you may well know I received a Nobel Prize (applause). Thank you, thank you.  This was the result of my willingness to turn a new page in America’s book. My predecessor was known for his stubbornness in dismissing other nations. I say no longer.

No longer will we try to hide important political work from American citizens.
No longer will we imprison suspects off of U.S. soil.
No longer will we wiretap suspected terrorists.
No longer will we accept the parties and waste of corporate America.
No longer will we fight needless wars started by my predecessor.
No longer will we be dismissed by countries we once called  part of an “axis of evil”

We as Americans will now care for the extended family of this world, no longer will we relegate our fellow brothers to the poorest  of society! We have raised our status once again as a respected nation. Nowhere is is this more evident than Chicago’s fourth-place finish for the Olympic games! I can safely say we have become the 2010 Jets of the world. (raucous applause and whistles)

3. Yes we can! – I’ve brought down evil-doers who do not treat others with dignity and grace,  simply with my rhetoric and commitment to justice. I have bridged racial division, white and black no more,  I as President am focused more on settling the debate between Budweiser and Miller. We are in a time right now of great promise and vision. It is my great hope, that if there is a problem that seems too wide, too large or too high to conquer, that I still can blame George W. Bush. Thank you. (end speech)

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