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Why don’t honest journalists take on the NYTimes?

March 12, 2010 10 comments

Howell Raines asks, “Why don’t honest journalists take on Fox News?”

So asks the man who revived “advocacy journalism” a euphemism for “lets try to editorialize within a news piece”. Howell Raines should feel, in part, responsible for the emergence of Fox News. When readers constantly read pieces that bite at their own political leanings, they are inevitably going to try to find a new source for their daily news. Enter Fox News, an organization that I certainly won’t pretend is “fair and balanced.” Why listen to advocacy in one direction that tells you everything you believe in is stupid, when you can get “advocacy journalism” that supports your President? People who hate Fox should understand their emergence, as well as those of blogs have arisen due to the constant polarization of topics by both the Associated Press and NYTimes. We could sit back and talk about how “dumb” Fox watchers are, how”stupid” Sarah Palin is and pretend Fox is some criminally corrupt organization. Or maybe we could understand basic economics and see Fox’s success has to do with the NYTimes inability and unwillingness to meet the demand of millions of Americans. Attacking Fox is easier than, lets say, arguing the merits of their political positions. OK folks,  “advocacy journalism” is not disappearing anytime soon, especially if you are only going to attack the “other news organization” for doing it. When you support “advocacy journalism” in one direction, don’t be pissed it starts emerging from the other side.

I am probably wrong, especially since none of us could possibly have a friend who would dare to watch Fox……Or as Pauline Kael said, “I don’t know how Nixon won, I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

I love open-mindedness, as long as you agree with me.

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