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I’ve gotten a few e-mails asking about where I worked, what I did etc. I worked at a Bulge Bracket in NYC and don’t have much to boast about during my tenure there. I’ll leave it at that I guess, everything else is pretty much uneventful. Because everything was hitting the fan when I was working, the best deal I was a part of was probably when I got 2 Five-dollar Footlongs at Subway.

While it might seem like I looked down upon some of my work colleagues, I don’t at all; some of them were objectively brilliant and most were definitely brighter than me. In all fairness, while I found a few people quite disagreeable at my firm, many were quite helpful and kind. Some of my favorite times were spent during our analyst training session (quick note here: if you really wanna teach 250 recent college grads, the best way to do it is not to herd them all into one huge classroom, give em all mics and have a lot of open-bar events in NYC).  During the difficult stretches, most of my fellow analysts were quite gracious in helping me, even if it was due to my own screwups (Go Bullpen!) Not sure what the culture was like at different groups or firms, but since many of the analysts in my group were subject to the same asinine assignments and silly firedrills by upper management, it built cohesion more than anything else.

As I said before, I was working when everything was going haywire, so I was eventually laid off. I can honestly say although getting laid off sucked, I was even more disappointed in the way it was handled. While there might occasionally be some lingering resentment, I realized many of the things I disliked I did in some form in my own life. I suppose the best thing I could do is simply not do the very things that I found so detestable in others. It’s kind of obvious, but much harder to put in practice. Regardless, the fact that I am spending copious amounts of time having two Lego-like figures share in ridiculous monotone conversations tells me I still have a lot to be thankful for. Although I am by no means a good Christian, my faith and some of my close friends have been instrumental in helping me realize my identity was not defined only by the amount of money I made or the type of work I did.

Credit-wise, like I mentioned before, that General Surgery video was truly brilliant. Likewise, many of you seeing these videos probably have heard these jokes before. Most of the one-liners I threw in there were mostly recycled jokes and the typical banter my friends threw back and forth at each other (Tunisia/Egypt guys, HC guys).

That being said, I have a “new video in the pipeline” and will be working on a few other non-finance videos as well. Stay tuned please!

  1. May 4, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    I love the videos man!

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