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On another note, I’ve started smoking again….

January 26, 2010 7 comments

So I wrote this for Yale’s 250-word essay. Doubt I will get into the school, I actually just found myself writing this and thought why not…i’ll send something in…..a goofy essay is what got me into Hopkins so what the heck…it was real fun writing this though


I started smoking in college. I began at the encouragement a couple of friends, sometimes in a park or a backyard. I remember I had to stop when I started working. But after my brief finance career ended I could smoke again and enjoy the outdoors.

When I told a friend about how I started smoking again, he seemed concerned “You ok? Want to talk about it? Why’d you start?”

It was the last question that I felt was most appropriate to answer, and I did:

I smoke because it teaches me to be patient. It shows me the best things need time to fully mature and be savored. It taught me the best decisions sometimes aren’t made in an instant but need to be thought out carefully.

I smoke because it is relaxing. I can do it by myself and take the moment to ponder something other than the daily things that stress me. When friends see me with my fire, they know to stay back.

I smoke because it can be social. While smoking, I can play cards with my friends, eat a couple snacks or discuss for hours the latest political stories.

Finally, I smoke because there is nothing quite like waiting ten hours before opening the smoker and being hit with massive plumes of applewood smoke as a juicy piece of brisket emerges.

He interrupted me, “You’re an idiot, you scared me for a second.”

I am still confused. I think he was a vegetarian.

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