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Interracial dating….what about Asian dudes?

Mr. Mcdoof back in action here…..

You should check out the comments here. Ta-Nehisi Coates’s readers have some interesting things to say about interracial dating. He wrote:

One rather consistent complain in comments in the interracial dating thread is lack of talk about how Asian-Americans fit into this.

Hrmm, take a walk through Central Park and inevitably you’ll see a beautiful HAPA (Half-Asian Person American?, not sure about what it means) baby, except the Dude is always white and the girl is always Asian.  Not that I have a problem, but the reverse is not nearly as prevalant so much so, you see Facebook groups like this. (Thanks Fert)

A few factors I might posit as to why (along with their actual significance):

1) Prevailing stereotypes about Asian (I suppose specifically, Korean) guys beating their wives and treating them like garbage. Apparently, every Asian person who isn’t a weak-kneed pansy is a misogynistic and sexist jerk.

Not that significant; though for example, Jin-Soo Kwon in LOST spoke terrible Korean, but apparently inherited the K-gene that inclined him to berate and beat his wife for the first few seasons I still love you LOST, no I don’t, that ending was a huge Lebron James cop-out.

2) Terrible Asian male film roles: Apparently Asian guys are only useful when we need to find ourselves a Karate instructor after we get beaten up by bullies or if its about well, Asian people.

Somewhat significant, if not a cause, at least a reflection of society’s views on the masculine Asian dude.

3) Maintenance of Asian culture is easier with a White Dad/Asian Mom combo than vice-versa. I know a lot of Korean parents who express concerns that they want their grandchildren to be raised “Korean”

I think this is pretty significant as well and actually a solid reason. Many guys make the same judgment call here.

4) Rampantly one-sided yellow fever. White girls aren’t into Asian guys the way white guys are into Asian girls. Seems to be a fact of life. Ask any Asian guy what he would do to date a white girl, he would probably give up a kidney or finger. Yes see this.

Yo have you seen Min’s girlfriend?”
“What is she pretty?”
“No, she’s white!!!”
“What? No way!!!!”

One guy commented on Coates’s blog:

That said, there’s an empirical reality out there. Using most surveys, or census tabulations of interracial households, interracial relationships involving Asian-Americans exhibit greater gender disparities than any other set of relationships. There’s an enormous amount of scholarship out there intending to explain this, much of it revolving around the gendering of race – the notion, in this case, that Asians have been constructed as effeminate and submissive, rendering women exotically desirable but not men. I’ve also seen the idea floated that given the relatively rigid and traditionally patriarchal construction of some Asian communities, it may be that women are more likely to seek escape from such strictures through an interracial liaison, while men are likely to shun such relationships inasmuch as they require the abandonment of privileged status. Or, in a third theory that offers a twist on the second, that women who acquire education, careers, and a measure of independence are sometimes considered too modern or independent, and so seek relationships outside their community because they cannot build them within it. And then there’s the notion that, in cultures that place enormous emphasis on patrilineality, dutiful sons may feel tremendous pressure to preserve the continuity of family and tradition via endogamous marriage, whereas daughters may not.

China’s one-child policy created incentives for families to raise boys and many Asian girls flock to fawning white guys.  This increases the amount of single Asian males to Asian females (last time i checked i think the ratio stands roughly at 15:1). At this rate, we should see thousands of Asian male zombies rioting on the streets or attacking each other like horny and rabid chimpanzees.  Nope they’ve found a different outlet. Maybe this is why all my single, Asian guy friends are so damn excited instead about this:

Just sayin’. Why care about the real world when you could be a master of the universe!

Yes, this is an awards show for “pro-gamers” who kick butt at games like Starcraft. Ahhhh yes, you roll your eyes and laugh at how stupid it is a country can put so much stock in people playing a game that has zero consequence on real world matters, like for instance putting a ball in a hoop, into the back of a net or kicked through yellow uprights. Oh yea….never mind we’re all douchebags.

As for me, I will try my best not play it. Whenever I find a vice, I tend to do too much of it. I figure Starcraft might be one of those things.

Flustered Mcdoof

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  1. orijinalbrand
    July 28, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    lol i wondered if you’d go buy Starcraft since i remember everyone used to be obsessed back in school. I think i’m the only remaining Korean person who has never played Starcraft in their life.

  2. Eric
    July 29, 2010 at 9:50 am

    hahaha Mr. McDoof, you forgot a #5. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with you about this in San Francisco Pinkberry.

    I’ll have you know that back when Asians were minorities in school (and by minorities, I mean like how there were 8 Asians in my entire high school. And one was my brother.), we could pimp it with the white ladies, ok? Asians just need to stop hanging out exclusively with Asians. Back then, I was friends with the lacrosse girls, soccer girls, and field hockey girls… and orchestra girls 😉 I never dated any of them, but got several notes/phone calls, asking me out on dates. Some of them were really pretty, but I always refused because I could only imagine what my parents would do to me if they knew I was dating a non-Korean girl. My friends would joke during high school, “omma say no white girls!” haha. I should refer my friend to that fb group: he was one of the 8 Asians I mentioned… and he actually married the white girl he’s dated in high school. Weird!!!

    @jae: wow that’s unheard of haha. as for me, i got into a fight over starcraft. my friend had borrowed my starcraft cd, but when i demanded my cd back one day, he refused and broke my right middle finger. i have no idea how that happened.

  3. mrmcdoof
    July 29, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Eric, I think you are lying. These phantom white women that love Asian men that you speak of don’t actually exist. Just because they wrote in your yearbook “to have fun in college” or “thanks for helping me on those math assignments” these are not code words for “I want to date you”. Likewise, phone calls asking for what the answers to the Physics problem set probably means she needs the answers to the Physics problem set.

    Also, I might add that Jae’s story is certainly unique but not illogical. Might I remind you Jae has dated numerous white girls, thus rendering the necessity of games like Starcraft moot. That is why whenever you hang out with him he seems completely satisfied playing a few thrilling games of Hearts or the even more graphically suspenseful Minesweeper.

  4. August 17, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    The only excuse is that Asian dudes don’t have game.

    ==>Asian Man’s Dating Guide

  5. lk
    August 18, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Asian dudes rarely pursue or approach white women.

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