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The Konspicuous Kindle

I like this guy’s post about why the Kindle > IPad, read more here.

I love my Kindle, its light and easy to carry around. While an IPad seems sexy, most of its features seem kind of superfluous.

Watch a movie? (I would prefer to watch on a bigger screen)
Send an email? (My fingers are too fat for that touch screen)
Play a game? Change a document? Check Craigslist? Bid on Ebay?etc.

While certainly there’s a lot of awesome stuff it can do, there’s something else out there that does it a lot better. It’s called a computer. While having that ability at your fingertips is certainly cool, not sure if its even close to being useful let alone necessary. Walk by an IPad user, he’s just begging for you to ask him to show you how he can play Labyrinth or watch an episode of Lost. But not sure I really need all that.

Remember those cool pencil cases?

They had different buttons when pressed would pop out different things: a sharpener, an eraser, a calendar, and all these different secret compartments that you had no idea what they did. They were just there. I remember I always wanted one when I was little, especially when one of my buddies got the latest edition: one that had a few more secret compartments as well as a totally useless addition, a pop-out magnifying glass. Back then, I probably cried and sulked because my mother refused to buy it for me, (forgive me, high school was a tough time) telling me I could carry my pencils in a normal case. I realize now it was probably these same kids who are currently buying an IPad.

Maybe I am just jealous I don’t get the latest toys. Or maybe I should just shut up and not say anymore. I have to admit, when a lady started asking about my Kindle on the subway in Korea, I started grinning insufferably as I shared with her how incredible this device was for anyone “who loves reading”. If I saw myself at the moment, I probably would have wanted to punched me in the face.

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  1. April 22, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    BDK – why are you such a hater? I understand that Apple’s products don’t make tech snobs like yourself swoon with appreciation, but I think that this phenomena of techie backlash is exactly what makes their products so appealing. They’re designed for the rest of us.

    Even if YOU don’t want an iPad (though I’d be hard pressed to believe you’d turn one down if it were a gift), thousands of people love it. You often speak about the inviolability of preferences on your blog. Perhaps you should be a little more patient with us tech pedestrians and our love for Steve Jobs’ toys.

  2. April 24, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    I am actually quite the opposite of a techie. But, the IPad does reek more of conspicuous consumption than of actual functionality. Perhaps I am wrong? Maybe if there is a feature out there I am unaware of…

    Nonetheless, I realize that the same insufferable glee Apple-junkies sport on their faces was probably similar to the one I occasionally have when I get to show off my Kindle. Point being, maybe the product itself is not the cause of such irritating behavior.

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