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Wowzers!! While you are here, get to know me and my friends…

Thank you to all of you guys who visited my site. I got so many hits, any moment now Jim Gray is gonna ambush me and ask me if I bet on baseball. (Aha!) Nonetheless, I have to give a lot of credit to the guy who made that General Surgery video; I sort of CarlosMencia-ed off of that one so props to him.

Anyways, me and my buddies like to write a lot of stuff too. Take the time to check out some of those posts. I’ve been getting a ton of banker and wannabe banker traffic (You guys should join some of the previous debates we’ve had over the economic crisis) —–>

Check out my buddies:

  • Neil is a PhD student and writes some excellent Finance/Econ based posts. Check out his favorite piece here. You feel you don’t understand what those guys on the news are saying; he can help.
  • Eric, a Marine, wrote a thought-provoking post on entering another tour of duty titled: I (kinda) wish I was there. Check it out. If you think every soldier is just some emotionless robot, think again after you read this. It’s old but its a must-read.
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  1. Timgu
    April 14, 2010 at 1:39 am

    When did you wise up and get a domain? I was going to talk to you about hosting your blog for you on my own webserver

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