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In Korea, without direct access to internet

I don’t have internet at my aunt’s place right now, even though it is the most wired country in the world. Thus a PC Bang.

I could see myself spending my time here blogging about something stupid, while everyone else here is playing some role-playing game or shoot-em up. Alas, I will be first to admit we probably both living in worlds largely separated from reality.  I do not wish to die from such an experience though…..

Also, the towels here are unacceptably small. Coverage ratio rivals that of (insert totally unfunny financial lingo joke here about big bank)

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  1. orijinalbrand
    March 28, 2010 at 12:40 am

    I hope you’re enjoying your time in Korea, Kane. Come back with a wife(one thats like your grandmother)!

    Anyways i was just commenting because i remember growing up, we’d have to use these little towels the size of napkins to wipe the entire body. Meanwhile, i’d visit my white friends, and their towels were akin to the things that they used to cover their BMWs or Mercedes. I just assumed that maybe they lay theirs out and roll around on them. Speaking of napkins, remember when we’d talk about our childhood funny stories… like when my mom would go to McDonalds, and steal a whole crapload of napkins, and every night for dinner, we’d have like chopsticks and a metal spoon laying on top of a McDonalds Napkin? HAHAHA!

  2. March 31, 2010 at 4:42 am

    We should just open up a factory in Korea that sells big towels. We’d make a killing! This whole time Korean people will realize they’ve been drying themselves off very inefficiently. “Whoa, bigger towels mean I could dry my body quicker” or “Bigger towels mean I could cover myself occasionally at a jjim jil bang instead of nakedly strolling around!”

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