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Apparent hypocrisy by Sarah Palin?

Thanks Pete for this link, well sort of, I am not sure why he showed this to me…..

So apparently, Palin is a hypocrite for crossing the border for health care. Except that this is totally unremarkable. Sarah Palin decided to go from Bumblehickville, Alaska to the nearest city which happened to be Whitehorse, Yukon. Wow. Health care in a sparsely populated area of a modern nation is usually worse than that of a more densely populated area of another modern nation.

While I usually find all HufPo writers disagreeable, I think this attempt to beat down a straw man, in Sarah Palin is stupid. If anything the net flow is definitely skewed towards the US. The wiki verdict is that though some of these pro-American claims are exaggerated, some of their political leaders have come down her for major surgeries, quotas have created space problems in their hospitals and their hospitals have difficulty handling rarer cases. Meanwhile, Americans go up for cheaper drugs (since Canadians don’t invent any, they can just mooch) and marijuana (probably those libertarians)…..

The real arguments against this health care bill don’t find their merits in the premise, “all Canadian health care just sucks and can never be used.”  There are plenty of solid arguments, some I have mentioned previously, against this bill. Its not cost-neutral, it reduces choice, it depresses innovation, etc. Oh yea, and most people don’t want it. While I am not a fan of status quo either, I think Mankiw’s analogy is a good one.

The railing on Palin is something else though. While I find her immensely irritating, I find people who make sport to find everything she does as stupid, even more irritating. She was elected governor of a state, something most douchey college students would have no shot at doing. I am not surprised liberals are making it a sport to try to criticize everything she does. Welcome to the big leagues Obama-philes, beating the crap out of Palin might boost your self-esteem a little bit, but that’s not gonna get anyone of the 53% to be convinced this health care plan is any good.

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  1. longley
    March 10, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    To be fair, she didn’t go there because it was better, she went there because it was available and free. and the arguement that high-profile or high-risk surgeries are better in the united states isn’t an argument about type of health-care, its an argument that one of the largest and the most economically powerful nation in the world is better at something than a country that ranks 36th and 11th on those lists, respectively. Also, according to your own sources (wikipedia? really?) the large majority of Canadians getting healthcare in the US are simply here visiting when they happen to need health care, with a smaller proportion after that wanting secrecy from local doctors.

    This post is significantly more anti-intellectual than I would expect from you. However, I do agree that we should leave Palin the fuck alone and let the fanatics have her.

  2. March 10, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Longley, my intentions are not to just be partisan here. I put that link up intentionally to point out the exaggeration of pro-US healthcare claims of the “every Canadian is crossing the border” variety. Still, I think it means something when Canadian leaders are finding higher-level health care difficult to find in their own nations. This is in part due to the current system of health care we have in place.

    As for the anti-intellectualism, I can attribute it more to laziness. Expect another epic-sized post to come soon perhaps about faith or religion or something….

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