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Condom sizes and penis envy!

Now that I caught all you perverts and lowlifes (otherwise known as my two readers), check out this link on a new public health issue regarding condom sizing and marketing. A particularly interesting quote caught my eye:

Dr. Bill Yarber, of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Indiana, recommends re-labeling small condoms as “large”, regular as “extra-large” and so on.

I wonder if there would consequently be an adverse effect if they were labeled small, teeny and teeny-weenie (pun intended).

Even though this article is kind of funny in its own way, its also ridiculous. One is willing to take on the whole host of risks and consequences to cover a rather large insecurity. (I realized no matter how I constructed this sentence, contextually it would be ridden with unintentional puns) The article of course says this is a “public health” issue that needs to be thoroughly addressed and it most definitely should. But shouldn’t we also be worried about why we as the human race need to rename the sizes in the first place?

We can pretend its not a big deal, but the fact that 45% of men are choosing an ill-fitting route tells me its definitely a major issue. Maybe we can demonize these very men too, talk about how idiotic they are, but this of course solves nothing. Why? Because but something tells me this problem is not just a “public health” one. Telling people they are all above average is not only dumb but a flat-out lie. I wonder then why are we so enamored with the most asinine of accomplishments?

For one, I wouldn’t even call this an accomplishment not sure what you could do to really change that either. As I keep on mentioning, the housing crisis was caused in part by people not being satisfied with their small, medium and large houses, but the fact that they overreached for tall, grande and venti houses they couldn’t possibly pay for. Same sort of pattern of behavior: willingness to take on the whole host of risks and consequences (financial) to cover  a rather large insecurity.

One of friends was telling me how my last post wasn’t all that profound. Objectively, it wasn’t, I put some words in some boxes and voila a pseudo-intellectual post! (What an awesome friend eh?)  The point he made though was that everything is a prisoner’s dilemma; that we behave like this everywhere we go. I wear this because she wears that. I buy this because he bought that. I get this job because he has that one. Maybe its an oversimplification, but how much does that drive our decision making process? I find thinking about it, it can be just as laughable as comparing well…you know.

HELP WANTED “Public Health Issue”: In search of a cure, for the human condition; frail and broken, with insatiable insecurities.

I wish my smart buddies in Public Health school could solve this one, but they tell me its above their pay grade.

Ecclesiastes 4:4

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