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The Road to Serfdom…..

I am reading Hayek’s book.

Have not even got past the intros and already there are some incredible quotes.

Of course, six years of socialist government in England has not produced anything resembling a totalitarian state. But those that argued this disproved the thesis of The Road to Serfdom have really missed on of its main points: that the most important change which extensive government control produces is a psychological change, an alteration in the character of the people.

While Obama thinks he can create jobs by waving his magic wand or make fat people, not so fat by telling them not to be fat, this is sadly not unique to Obama or the Democratic Party. Our tendencies have started to shift towards seeking governmental assistance in all areas of our life, a panacea if I may, have been building up for quite a while regardless of political party.

While I cannot argue our government is socialist and I scoff at those who call Obama a communist, I sympathize with those who believe the scope and power of government has been increasing too far; to the point where we don’t even realize most of the things the government does, we don’t actually need it to do (affordable housing to purchase? why not rent?), and then it screws everything up! (Fannie/Freddie).  Or as Hayek says:

Yet, though the road be long, it is one in which it becomes more difficult to turn back as one advances.

Damn, its almost poetic……

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