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My Rant on Palin

Once upon a time America elected a leader who would stand against the political tide and bring promise and change. He was the Julia Child of rhetoric: baking doughy lumps of verbal fecal matter into golden loaves of hope and change. Alas, he realized saying nice things all the time in an impressive way usually does little except maybe win a Nobel Peace Prize. His followers have grown disillusioned unaware that hope and change requires more than just passing around bumper stickers  and pissing off everyday folk with annoying chants of “Yes, we can!”.

Nope, you can’t.

Now, some angry folk have decided to pitch Sarah Palin as the answer? It’s as if everyone was so tired of Obama’s rhetoric and persuasion, that they needed to find one who is the exact opposite; one who can turn great ideas into crap. Somebody who can take platforms like free markets, limited government, religious freedom, the sanctity of life and a strong national defense and turn them into a veritable display of idiocy and dimwitted logic. Yes, we know the “elites” hate you and they are snobs for doing so, but you also know that is the very thing that is fueling your campaign. (For the last time, media stop covering her. It’s the classic philosophy question, if Sarah Palin was in a forest with nobody to listen to her, would the media still cover her?)

I’m sorry holding up your son Trig is not actually a logical defense to opposing viewpoints. I hate it when all criticism against Obama is deemed racist, I fear the day when Palin somehow blames blown peace-talks on “Kim-Jong Il’s hurtfulness towards special-needs children.”   F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman and John Paul II you are most definitely not.

People ask me why I don’t vote when I like discussing these ideas. I’ll take my friend Dan’s approach and say its “symbolic”. Perhaps if there’s change we truly believe in, we should just start changing things instead of wondering which political party will help us.  Neil, you may mock my faith in the big G – God. But I find faith in another big G – government much more bothersome.

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