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Why Africa needs the Big G….

People say I write too much, so I’ll leave a link like a good blog should….

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God

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  1. koreahn
    February 8, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    “Christianity, post-Reformation and post-Luther, with its teaching of a direct, personal, two-way link between the individual and God, unmediated by the collective, and unsubordinate to any other human being, smashes straight through the philosphical/spiritual framework I’ve just described. It offers something to hold on to to those anxious to cast off a crushing tribal groupthink. That is why and how it liberates.” Exactly why Jesus was so hated by the collective of his time, the ruling Pharisee/Saducee elite.

    Though, his last paragraph makes him sound like he’s forced to oblige the lesser evil…

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